Art director, graphic design, web-design
'Zenit' is a trademark of Krasnogorskiy Mehanicheskiy Zavod (Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant), abbreviated to KMZ. The plant produces lens devices for the military, the medicine industry, and also for civil usage. KMZ has a rich history and is especially famous for its 'Zenit' photo cameras.
The task was to design a new identity for 'Zenit' to help the company get back its lead position in the photo industry.
The rebranding idea was based on the Dove prism principle, which is displayed on Zenit's current logo. The new logo, however, represents this principle from another angle: as an individual would see it through a camera eyepiece. The 'Z' letterform is flipped horizontally, reflecting thus principle. The shape of the logo is simple, and was influenced by the traditions of USSR 70's-80's design.
For its 70-year anniversary in 2017, KMZ produced the Zent-I—a single lens reflex camera, fitted with a built-in and uncoupled exposure meter and an instant-return reflex mirror. The Zent-I is a remake of the legendary and popular Zenit-E from 1971. All of the materials were designed for this product and its launch.
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