Founder, UIUX, product design, photography, marketing, service design
Local, minimalistic jewellery brand featured by The Blueprint, Minimalissimo, ello.co, iGNANT. In this one-man project, I decided to play as many roles as I could—from managing entire business and designing service and products to UIUX and graphic design.

First, I developed a visual logo and then, I decided to brand something with it. Thus, w-o is a design-based business.

Product design
I created a jewellery collection of 12 silver items based on minimalistic geometric forms. In addition to 4 rings, 2 earrings and 2 bracelets, there were 4 simple pins, which became the bestsellers.

I held a photoshoot for each item from the collection, each with a representative model. Please see more at instagram.com/w______________o


w-o was featured in several magazines, such as Minimalissimo, iGNANT, YDY and The Blueprint. It also won a local fashion competition and was presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Day. It was used in collaboration with British Highest School of Art and Design students and has been highlighted by design stores such as: Depst, 8store, State Hermitage Design Store and Lambada Market.


There have been several collaborations with photographers, studios and models, such as Alexander Favorov and Darya Kuznetzova. Together with M_U_R founder, Anna Druzhinina, a second collection was created.

UIUX, service design
To release and sell products, the entire infrastructure needed to be created, including production, wholesale, payment and delivery services. I did all of it.

The online store became the main selling platform; It was designed for both mobile and desktop, with a clear, user-friendly layout.