concept, idea, graphic design
Respublica is a lead concept store in Moscow, Russia that sells books, music, stationery, gadgets and design souvenirs. The task was to create a spring-summer season showcase for the company.
The spring-summer season is a time for bike riding. The concept was based on a collaboration I initiated between Respublica and Electra, a classic bicycle producer with a wide range of well-designed, high-quality bikes. The campaign was named 'Read and Ride'.
Viral Video
The initial concept of creating a showcase design turned into a campaign with a flagship viral video, which got over 200K views on Vimeo and got to Stuff Pick selection.
The idea behind the graphics for this project is based on front bike emblems. Unique emblems were created for each section and tag-line words were used as decoration for Respublica's shop windows. The graphics' colours link to identity colours.
All of the graphics, including the wayfinding system, sticker set, bookmarks and souvenirs, were placed inside the store. The finished product was slightly different than what was planned, but still nice in general.
Moscow Cyclist
The Moscow Cyclist zine was created to support R&R monthly. It is a collection of stories about the Moscow bike scene and world cycling trends. It also includes a map with the best city routes.
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