Lucas Vogelsang

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Stas helped us come up with a great visual language for Centrifuge and built out our library of design tools to include website, print materials, user interface design and illustrations. He constantly plays with form and colour to create designs that stands out.

Maya Byskov
Sustainable Finance Manager

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My name is Maya Byskov. In my career as a curator and project manager for large international cultural institutions and start-ups, I have worked with many designers over the years.

Stas joined the Centrifuge team early on and was instrumental in creating the visual language for our brand, at once serious, sophisticated and playful. Stas is a fantastic art-director, able to translate complex technical topics into visually simple stories, and has developed a library of design tools including website, print materials, user interface design and illustrations.

Stas has been a reliable team player, fun and visually adventurous. Would love to work with him in the future!

Kaleb Jordan Wilson
Datacy Inc.
CEO, Co-founder

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We love working with Stas. When it comes to UI he always brings in a perspective that makes sense for the application, as well as for the user, and helps us manage complicated design scenarios. We were building something brand new, and trying to create a functional interface that served users. It wasn’t easy but Stas was able to help us make sense of it.

Paroma Indilo
Datacy Inc.

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Stas is a very talented UI and product designer. He took the time to understand our vision at datacy and worked as part of the team to design our platform and our image. He is always open to suggestions and not afraid to iterate to get to the most perfect version of the product. He is user and feedback focused and always has user experience in mind when designing even the smallest aspect of the products. He is a pleasure to work with and we are very proud to have him as part of our team.

Maria Borzilova
More (BBDO Russia Group)
Creative director

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My name is Maria Borzilova, I am the creative director at MORE, part of BBDO Russia Group.

We work with global brands like BMW, renowned museums, and retail chains. It’s our responsibility to choose the top specialists in relevant spheres to deliver the best results for our clients.

A couple of years ago Stas was a part of the MORE creative team. With the help of his creative approach to every task, we did a great job. Stas has a sophisticated style of art-direction, always bringing unexpected ideas and executions. He faces every task with enthusiasm that continues through the project, demonstrating his talent and professionalism. Stas is notable for his readiness to learn new skills and tackle non-standard tasks.

As a creative director, I know how tough competition is in design and art-direction. It takes talent, determination, and ability to reach the level of Stas’ creative work. People like him are in demand all over the world for a good reason.

Vladimir Boslovyako
CEO anc Co-founder

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I want to say thank you Stas for the brilliant visual support of two of my brands I Can Fix and Molnia. His creative work played a great role in the companies’ development.

We had tight deadlines for both projects and Stas worked at maximum speed. Many items were needed and Stas was patient and attentive along the entire timeline. I’d like to highlight his outstanding approach, easy-going communication, deep task understanding, and high level of responsiveness during and after the projects. Stas does much more than you expect. It defines him compared to other designers I have worked with.

I’m planning to continue our collaborations and always recommend Stas as a reliable person and creative partner for any design task.

Evgeniy Khokhlov

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Our company uses game video analytics to provide services to the coaches, players and scouts of hockey clubs and a few years ago we launched the second version of our analytical portal. One of the most important tasks was to create usable, clear and contemporary user interface. Unfortunately, a few months before project release, our product designer left. At this tough moment, Stas Leontyev joined our team. He created all the missing UX, redesigned the UI and developed a component library.

He quickly fit into the team and, because of that, we were able to launch the product in time. We’ve gotten lots of positive feedback about its UX/UI design.

Rodion Serebrenikov
Global Point Family

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We worked with Stas for one of Saint Petersburg’s leading event and HORECA agencies, Global Point Family. It had seven restaurant networks and a design department to work on 360-degree visual support. While building the design department, it needed a self-directed specialist to fill the role of lead designer. We were lucky to find Stas.

It was a great pleasure to work with him because of his professional integrity and high level of competence, not only in terms of visual aesthetics but also in time and process management. We developed and applied a new system of project management, and he delivered internal trainings for it, resulting in successful integration.

Stas’s superpowers are responsibility, design thinking, independence and ability to find brilliant, sophisticated solutions. But more important is the friendly and creative atmosphere inside the team, and the entire company’s respect and appreciation of the design department’s efforts thanks to Stas. His soft skills are great!

Andrey Volkov
Moscow School of Management Skolkovo

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Stas designed the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo’s fifth anniversary book. It was not easy. Our team is very sophisticated, demanding, and whimsical. Stanislav was asked to create a book design while the school was working on new identity and a brand book. Along Skolkovo, there were other stakeholders who were not always on the same page regarding the look of the anniversary book.

Nevertheless, Stas offered a number of original creative concepts, and helped parties choose the best option when they disagreed. He also found a reasonable balance between the client’s wishes and his personal vision.

We proudly presented the first copy of the book to the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitriy Medvedev, during his visit to the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo.