Idea, design, art-direction
O'Nail collaborated with the local Russian sport-store network, Sportmaster, to produce uniforms for the Russian national snowboard team. I helped on the marketing campaign for this collaboration. Sportmaster partnered with Vlad Khadarin, the only snowboarder in the world to have successfully executed the FS 1800 trick.

Since the uniform's design incorporated the colours black and gold, the idea was to play with the concept of inversion. By inverting the colours, the white of the snow became black, and the blue of the sky became golden-yellow.

The video was shot in Switzerland, with the help of Stereotactics and Pirates—top names in the snowboard filming industry.
VR 360°
Moreover, we did VR from Vlad Khadarin POV for presentation at in-store events: anyone could step into his snowboarding boots and attempt his unbelievable tricks for themselves.
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