Graphic design, UIUX, art director
More is a small, but strong, award-winning advertising agency, and a part of the BBDO Group—one of the top 10 advertising companies in the world.
As the art director and design director, I was tasked with redesigning the company's identity and creating a portfolio web-page.
The challenge was to somehow represent the meanings of the two similar sounding words English 'More' and Russian 'Mope' (the sea) in one powerful sign. I created a simple, but powerful logo by combining the symbol '>' (greater than) with an image of a maritime signal flag. The result was a flag-like logo in sea-blue colour.

The logo allowed the company to personalize its business cards.
Additional graphics were based on a grid, created by logo guides. It gives an opportunity to create an enormous number of extra shapes for merchandising purposes. like sticker packs or t-shirts.
For the portfolio web page, the logo was used as a sliding selector to indicate a section.
The layout is based on a 12-column grid and has adoptive versions for 5 different screen sizes. Team members are professionally represented on one of the pages.
A unique addition is that Morse code was used to show web errors, like ... --- ... (SOS) for a 404 error.
Maria Borzilova
Creative director at More (BBDO Russia Group)
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My name is Maria Borzilova, I am the creative director at MORE, part of BBDO Russia Group.

We work with global brands like BMW, renowned museums, and retail chains. It's our responsibility to choose the top specialists in relevant spheres to deliver the best results for our clients.

A couple of years ago Stas was a part of the MORE creative team. With the help of his creative approach to every task, we did a great job. Stas has a sophisticated style of art-direction, always bringing unexpected ideas and executions. He faces every task with enthusiasm that continues through the project, demonstrating his talent and professionalism. Stas is notable for his readiness to learn new skills and tackle non-standard tasks.

As a creative director, I know how tough competition is in design and art-direction. It takes talent, determination, and ability to reach the level of Stas' creative work. People like him are in demand all over the world for a good reason.
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