Graphic design, font design, service design, marketing design, UIUX
Molnia is an on-site Apple service created by a few enthusiasts. The task was to create a company identity, the UIUX, copywriting, several marketing campaigns and entire service design from scratch. It was a hugely successful project: after the initial launch in Saint-Petersburg, Molnia opened a department in Sochi after only two years.
The horizontal thunder sign that underlines the letter M reflects an immediate arrival to the customer. The colours are bright, and done in a superhero style. The typography is based on Euclid Flex font with a cyrillic created for this particular project.
Instead of ordinary business cards, the business sticker-pack was created in two versions: simple geometric forms with a logo and web-page address, and a series of quote-based stickers. All of the quotes were taken from leaders of the Apple company: Tim Cook, Jony Ive or Steve Jobs.
Service Design
Every single detail was created to deliver the best experience for both clients and service masters. T-shirts were designed and made especially for Molnia from sports-materials. Bags have an achievement-desk on the back, and the gift card envelopes turn into an iPhone stand.
Launch Marketing Campaign
The marketing campaign comprised of two types of ad. The first ad was logo posters that told 'How to cause Molnia' (with entire landing-page of YouTube videos, showing occasions with iPhones and MacBooks).

The second was based on the first line of Barto's well-known short poem:
A teddy bear was dropped on the floor,
Someone tore off teddy bear's paw...

However, an Apple was used instead of a teddy bear.
Telegram Stickers
To digitally support the launch, a set of Telegram stickers was created. Each sticker depicts different incidents with the iPhone—a main character in a witty manner in two languages.
Sochi Launch
Sochi is a resort town on the Black Sea. The initial idea for the Sochi launch was based on a name of old-school Florida series: Thunder in paradise, Molnia in Sochi. The style direction of this slogan was visual language.

Icon Design
Simple line-icons in three colours for UI and print purpose.
The main focus of this project was to create a service web-page with application flow, personal area and landing pages for desktop and mobile devices.
Vladimir Boslovyako
CEO and Co-founder at Molnia and I Can Fix
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I want to say thank you Stas for the brilliant visual support of two of my brands I Can Fix and Molnia. His creative work played a great role in the companies' development.

We had tight deadlines for both projects and Stas worked at maximum speed. Many items were needed and Stas was patient and attentive along the entire timeline. I'd like to highlight his outstanding approach, easy-going communication, deep task understanding, and high level of responsiveness during and after the projects. Stas does much more than you expect. It defines him compared to other designers I have worked with.

I'm planning to continue our collaborations and always recommend Stas as a reliable person and creative partner for any design task.
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