Yota Phone 2

graphic design, UIUX, art-direction, product ownership
Yota Devices (Moscow-based leader of mobile industry) ambitiously attempted to design and produce a mobile phone with two screens (one LCD and the other E-ink) with Android OS. A winner of PC Best MWC and Cannes Lions Award.

My task in this endeavour was to create the UIUX concepts, work on package and accessories, direct the marketing campaigns, and create a product video, product web page, and sailer’s and developer’s web page. Moreover, I created a few apps as a product owner and guided the interior design of the flagship store.

Identity Redesign

The redesign was based on 360° interaction with a YotaPhone: the user would be able to flip it around. Thus, the image of round became the starting point for the new phone’s identity.

Three key values needed to be incorporated into the new logo: ideas, quality and respect. The colours black and white to represent the main technical feature (i.e. the e-ink screen), a centrical composition to highlight the flipping experience, and a distinct, recognizable shape for the background.

The main goal of the UIUX concept was to structure information visually by creating a set of widgets, and to highlight it importance by giving it a bold and emotional tone.

Circe typeface has a geometrical shape, which gives it a poster-like feeling. It also has a wide range of glyphs for localization. Only 4 sizes of font were used to ensure high-quality typography.

To clarify the layout, an 80px grid was used, as this helped to determine the proportion of the widget sizes.

Background images make the panels less b/w boring, while graphics keep the design clear and simple.

Product Video

Art directior
This promotional video was produced by Stereotactic Studio in collaboration with AltSpace Agency. My role was to direct them from the company side. I took part in each stage, from script-writing to shooting and editing.


Product owner
To enrich the user’s experience with the YotaPhone’s E-ink screen, a number of apps were developed. I worked on Callendar, E-reader, Clocks and Dynamic Covers as the UIUX designer. I also worked on apps in collaboration with Esquire, The Question, Strelka Press, Vector Education, BookMate, and Aeroflot as a product owner. I was later promoted to software partner director.

Package & Accessories Production art director

I was also tasked with reducing the box size for the packaging of the phone and perfecting the storage space for each accessory. In this endeavour, I had to determine the proper materials for the accessories. I flew to China to meet with factories and worked with them directly on package prototypes. I was also the lead Art director on the device manual, which was translated into 14 languages.