Graphic design, UIUX, art director
More is a small, but strong, award-winning advertising agency, and a part of the BBDO Group—one of the top 10 advertising companies in the world.

As the art director and design director, I was tasked with redesigning the company’s identity and creating a portfolio web-page.

The challenge was to somehow represent the meanings of the two similar sounding words English ‘More’ and Russian ‘Mope’ (the sea) in one powerful sign. I created a simple, but powerful logo by combining the symbol ‘>’ (greater than) with an image of a maritime signal flag. The result was a flag-like logo in sea-blue colour.

The logo allowed the company to personalize its business cards.

Additional graphics were based on a grid, created by logo guides. It gives an opportunity to create an enormous number of extra shapes for merchandising purposes. like sticker packs or t-shirts.

For the portfolio web page, the logo was used as a sliding selector to indicate a section.

The layout is based on a 12-column grid and has adoptive versions for 5 different screen sizes. Team members are professionally represented on one of the pages.

A unique addition is that Morse code was used to show web errors, like ... --- ... (SOS) for a 404 error.