identity, web-design
Gamestudies is a philosophical space where a community of enthusiasts research, reflect and collect articles on gaming ethics.

I was invited to enrich its critical thinking through visual representation.


The main visual problem was the variety of game graphic styles, which made the Gamestudies homepage visually distracting.

Text is more important than graphics in philosophical discourse, so I chose to represent each game world from a far-far distance. Using blur and a circle mask, I created a wide space of game planets. This visual strategy was adopted for communication across its homepage, social networks, etc.


The logo and headings were designed in a serif style to evoke ancient philosophical texts. Along with the visual style of the images, it needed to convey a metaphysical perception of subject matter. Game planets on the homepage were animated with multiple iterations of blurred images that infinitely slide in a circle shape. This animated touch makes Gamestudies’ explorers feel like game-space astronauts. 


Gamestudies tee-shirts designs are generated by an app that randomly places a different number of planets in a common horizontal dimension to give it the impression of planetary system movement. Each is unique. A matt reflective thermal film is used for the tees, to create the blur effect of digital visuals in real life.