identity, web-design, product design
Datacy is a blockchain data collection service, data management tool and data marketplace. It allows people to collect, collate and earn from their data, and enables businesses to source richer and more accurate consumer data, directly from the data owners.

Joined the early stage startup as a full stack design consultant to work on identity, web design and UI/UX of this innovative product.


The Datacy logo was inspired by fingerprint scanning—a metaphor for private data access. The letter ‘d’ was integrated in an image of fingerprint, with a gradient used to suggest scanning in process.

Neusa Next was chosen as the primary font as the negative space of ‘oval’ letters saves the proportions of a fingerprint. For stationery, a hologram paint was used to support the private-scanning concept.

Datacy consists of two parts: personal (with browser extension and web app) to collect data, and business web app to buy data from owners.

The challenge was to create an interface for a product that has no analogues, and make it easy to use. Together with product team I developed hypotheses, flows, UX and UI.

Datacy Personal
Datacy Personal is an extension and dashboard for users to collect and sell data. The goal was to create a one-button product with flexible set-up options. To do that we defined young and middle-age web surfers as primary users, and privacy and data ownership as the most important values. The browser extension and web app were designed to track and collect data, and to manage the database. Selling goes beyond direct interaction. Please see the video presentation for more information about the product and UI/UX.

Datacy Business
Datacy Business is a web app for professionals to buy data. The focus is on searching, sorting and buying data (in essence, it is a marketplace). A range of filtering options were created so users, which include marketing agencies, researches, and advertisers, can find the exact data needed from a particular audience. Please see the video for more information about the product and UI/UX.

Icon Set

I created an original icon set as a part of the UI development. My goal was to make something clear, bold, and vivid, based on a solid 24x24 grid which gives HD quality in low scale.

The Datacy homepage is the main site to present the product, and inform customers and partners. It was optimised for all screen sizes with a kit of visual and interactive elements for ongoing content editing and design development. Please see

Datacy 2.0
Redesign of MVP. Work in progress...